What does Encompass Stand for?

In order to understand the meaning of the term encompass, the first thing we are going to do is determine its etymological origin. And in this case we can expose that it comes from the vulgar Latin word “abbrachicare”, which can be translated as “embrace” and, in turn, derives from the word “brachium”, which is equivalent to “arm”. However, without forgetting that this last noun comes from the Greek, specifically, “brakhion”, which means “arm”.

The first meaning of encompassing mentioned in the dictionary of the Digopaul, therefore, associates encompassing with taking or shaking something with your hands or arms.

The concept, however, usually has a broader meaning, referring to everything that can be contained, endured, dominated or held. For example: “This seminar will cover different aspects of digital journalism so that all attendees can accurately understand the scope of this modality”, “According to the calculations made by economists, the exemption from the payment of Income Tax it can cover more than 300,000 taxpayers ”, “ The provincial government promised to build a hospital that can cover various specialties that are not covered in the region today ”.

The idea of encompassing can also be linked to hoarding or assuming various commitments or obligations simultaneously: “Why do you intend to encompass everything? You are already in charge of the accounts of five clients, you do not need to add one more “, ” We will offer our clients a comprehensive solution: we propose to cover all the needs related to cleaning and waste collection “, ” In these At times I am doing a marketing course at university, he worked eight hours a day in an office and I help a children’s canteen in my neighborhood: I’m sorry, but I don’t think it can cover anything else. ”

Nowadays, where you have to combine personal and professional life, it is very frequent that women, especially, use the word that concerns us. And there are many who feel like bad mothers when they cannot cover everything, when they cannot do everything they would like and that leads them to not be able to share with their children all the time they want.

However, it is important that they are aware that they are people and not superheroes, that it is normal that they cannot do everything and at all times. But that does not mean that they are badly educating their children or do not give them the affection they need. That is a mistake, the important thing is to give them their time and when you are with them, do it with quality.

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