What does Grocery Stand for?

The first meaning of the term grocery in its dictionary belongs to the maritime field and refers to the wedge or bundle used to press the stowage, completing all its spaces.

The concept, however, is often used to name the food or supplies needed for subsistence. Groceries, in this sense, are supplies.

The grocery idea, therefore, is used in Spain to name the business that is also known as a grocery store. This type of commercial area offers packaged or sale foods by weight, from breads to dairy products through canned goods. Groceries, in some South American countries, are called warehouses.

The association between groceries and groceries is related to the fact that, in ancient times, these stores sold products that came from “overseas” (that is, from abroad). Today, grocery stores are larger and sell both locally sourced and foreign-sourced items.

There are usually one or more counters in grocery stores, attended by vendors. In these counters there are scales, guillotines and other elements that allow, when necessary, to divide the products and calculate their weight in order to carry out the corresponding collection.

Although the proliferation of large commercial chains, supermarkets and hypermarkets has led to fewer and fewer grocery or grocery stores, the truth is that in many neighborhoods they still remain. Specifically, there are those who prefer to buy in them because of the advantages they bring:
-It is an establishment that they have more on hand, which makes it easier for them to acquire any item they need at the right time, without having to travel by car or take public transportation. Hence, in addition to saving time, you are also saving money.
-It is considered that the treatment given by dependents is much closer and personalized. It is more, even very affectionate since client and dependent know each other.
-Thanks to buying in a grocery store, the self-employed, the entrepreneur, the small business is supported, and that money will later be passed on to the neighborhood itself.
-There is easier to access higher quality indigenous products and without intermediaries to make them more expensive.
-You avoid buying in crowded shopping malls, where it is necessary to have endless queues.

Another meaning of grocery links the term to the grocery store: a business where different types of supplies are offered. In addition to the sale of articles, certain products, such as food and beverages, are often consumed in these groceries, becoming spaces for social gathering and recreation.

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