What does online casino Stand for?

The first online casino started in the late 1990s. Since then, the number of online casinos has grown rapidly. Some are web-based, others require special software. A license is required to operate an online casino. After all, the security and reliability of the provider is an important factor when choosing a virtual casino.

  • An online casino is a virtual casino on the internet. As in on-site casinos, users can win money in various games of chance
  • There are three ways in which players can use an online casino: via the Internet browser, using downloaded software or in a live stream with the dealer
  • Safety should always come first at online casinos. Reputable online casinos meet certain criteria and have licenses and seals of approval from the regulatory authorities

What is an online casino?

An online casino is a virtual casino on the Internet. Gamblers can use internet-enabled devices such as PCs, smartphones and tablets to place bets, try out various casino games and, if successful, win money. The odds and payout percentages in regulated online casinos are usually the same as in stationary casinos. But there are also exceptions: Some providers attract users to their website with higher repayment rates.

Many online casino providers are based in offshore financial centers. These locations are characterized by low taxes and little financial market supervision and regulation. Examples are Gibraltar, Bermuda and, within Europe, Malta and Cyprus. At these locations, online casino operators can acquire state-controlled and regulated gaming licenses.

Online casino: web, software or live dealer

Online casinos not only offer an extensive range of games of chance, but can usually also be used in different ways. There are these types of online casinos:

Online casino through the internet browser

Anyone who accesses an online casino via a browser generally does not need any further programs. However, some more complex games require the installation of additional software such as Flash, Java or Shockwave. In order to be able to run large games smoothly, an Internet connection with sufficient bandwidth is required. Some online casinos offer games that, thanks to the control via an HTML interface, also run on mobile devices, although these devices do not support plug-ins such as Flash.

Online casino with special software

At some online casinos, users cannot avoid downloading special software that connects to the casino’s service provider. This contact takes place without an intermediary browser. In general, download-based casinos are faster than online casinos with browser access. The reason for this is the already saved components on the local hard drive, so that a download via the Internet connection is no longer necessary. However, for many users the time required to install the software for the first time is too high.

Online casino with live dealer

If you try your luck in an online casino with a live dealer, you communicate with the dealer via a chat window. If the player wants to take an action, he uses a console for this. These casinos are based on a live stream, which is supposed to create an authentic casino atmosphere. In order to ensure the smooth running of a live casino, operators therefore not only need dealers, but also personnel for the cameras and a competent IT department.

Online casino security

Security is one of the most important aspects that online gamers should deal with in advance. Because not every casino provider on the Internet is reliable and serious. For example, when staking money, users do not want to have to worry about whether they will actually receive their winnings if they are successful.

Online casinos must have a valid government license that allows them to offer legal gambling. The licenses and seals of approval are issued by the relevant supervisory authorities; the criteria for this are strict. Suppliers within the European Union who cannot demonstrate this indispensable quality feature are not listed in Germany. Because without a license, neither the casino nor the player enjoys legal security.

When issuing licenses, the supervisory authorities are guided by several criteria. Casino portal providers must provide references and prove that they have sufficient experience in this industry. The provider’s software must be secure and must not contain any harmful content or manipulative algorithms. Online casinos also need to demonstrate that players can withdraw money as quickly as possible. The users, in turn, have to enter their real names and verify themselves when registering.