What does Open Stand for?

The open term allows to refer to multiple questions. It is generally an adjective, although there are occasions when it appears as a noun (for example, in sports competitions in which all categories can participate: “Today the Australian Open began”).

An open person is frank and receptive, and does not judge others hastily, but accepts ideological and cultural differences, and is even capable of changing their minds and learning from others. An open list, meanwhile, is subject to change: “I listen to proposals, the list is still open. ” The business or open issues have a similar meaning, since the adjective refers to that which is not yet resolved: “The deal is already open still missing agree on several points”.

An open sound is one that articulates with a wide degree of openness, greater than in sounds considered closed (open vowel). In singing it is very important to develop a deep understanding of this characteristic of sound in order to successfully traverse the entire length of the voice. Basically, human vocality is divided into three registers: bass, center, and treble. However, a well-trained voice apparatus is capable of transcending those limits in both directions.

In order to get from one register to another without noticing cuts in the voice, it is necessary, in part, to give the vowels the necessary openness, which has a more or less round sound. The notes representing the transitions between these segments are called passages., and often bring a lot of headaches to singing students. In general rules, and taking the vowel ‘a’ as a reference, a very open sound is used to sing in the low register, which closes as it rises, taking on a rounder shape, as if gradually mixed with an ‘o’. Upon reaching the passage between the center and the acute region, it is likely that it will be necessary to reopen it, beginning an opposite path, which will end up deforming all the vowels and making them almost indistinguishable.

Regarding cavalry, the notion of openness allows us to mention that it excessively separates its limbs when walking or jogging.

A terrain or an open field is one that is without fences or walls, and that has a flat or dilated surface.

A software for open source (or open source in English) is one that is distributed freely and that is susceptible to modification by users, offering access to sources. Given the high prices of the programs and the resistance of users to pay for them, the popularity of open source applications has grown considerably in recent years. However, these products do not represent the ultimate cure against piracy, as they generally lack the features that make your paid alternatives shine.

Among the most popular open source programs is, without a doubt, GIMP. It is an application that was born as a free alternative to Photoshop; Among its benefits, it should be noted that its developers offer versions for various operating systems, including Windows and Linux, and that it has a wide variety of very powerful tools. Its weak points are, on the other hand, its graphical interface and the great difficulty of learning to perform tasks that in its competence can be carried out with a simple action.

An open letter is intended for general dissemination; ie it is not customized to a sender alone or no character confidential.

Regarding electricity, an open circuit is an interrupted circuit that does not allow the passage of current.