What does School Dropout Stand for?

The abandonment is the act and the result of leave: leave something away from him. School, for its part, is that linked to the school (the educational center where instruction is provided).

The notion of dropping out of school, in this way, refers to the withdrawal of a student from an educational institution before the end of the stage he was studying. In other words: when a student stops attending school even though he has not yet completed his training, he is dropping out of school.

School dropout is a social problem. Those people who do not complete the compulsory training established by the State do not have the necessary knowledge to successfully enter the labor market. In this way, they can only aspire to get informal or precarious jobs, with no possibility of progress. These individuals can be said to be at a disadvantage compared to those who did complete their school studies.

For children, access to education is a right. This is why dropping out of school makes the child a victim. On the other hand, due to the obligatory nature of schooling, parents who allow a minor to leave school are responsible for this circumstance.

Generally, dropping out of school is related to other social problems. There are parents who, in the absence of money, cannot send the child to school since they are unable to cover the costs of transportation, food, study material, etc. In turn, the need to generate income leads adults to make children work. This is how school dropout occurs. To avoid this, the State must guarantee that the family has access to the material resources necessary for their subsistence and so that the minor can complete her studies.

In Spain, for a long time, intensive work has been carried out in order to drastically reduce dropout rates. And it is that the country is in the highest positions with respect to that factor of all Europe.

The studies carried out in this regard have come to leave data as interesting as on school dropout as the following:
-There is a higher percentage of boys than girls who bet on leaving the classroom.
-The countries with the highest figures for this parameter in the old continent, in addition to Spain, are Romania and Malta. Against these, where these data are lower are Poland, Slovenia or Croatia, among others.
-At the educational level where there is the lowest dropout rate is at the university level.

There are many resources that are considered to exist to prevent the phenomenon of school dropout from occurring. However, among the most significant are the following:
-Tools and resources available to the student to help study and improve their academic results.
-Campaigns launched by the authorities to raise awareness of the importance of having an academic background, both personally and at work.
-Implement new methodologies that help to improve in a remarkable way what is the school performance of students.
-The union and cooperative work of the entire educational community, where parents, teachers and students are involved.
-Collaborative projects that come to promote training, learning and the desire of students to train in order to achieve the future they want.

School Dropout