What does Sky Box Sets Stand for?

What could be more relaxing than spending a few quiet hours on the couch after a hard day’s work? Treat yourself to an episode of your favorite series, a real classic film or an exciting sports event. You have not been dependent on the classic television offer for a long time. Because pay TV and various streaming offers give you the freedom to watch your favorite programs exactly when you want them. In this country, Sky’s program is one of the pioneers in this area. Sky Box Sets is particularly popular with series fans.

  • Sky Box Sets are available to customers at any time.
  • Sky Box Sets contain complete seasons of top-class series.
  • It is an exclusive part of the Sky Entertainment package.
  • They are not real boxes for the shelf.

What is Sky Box Sets?

Defined by abbreviationfinder, Sky Box are product packages that are primarily aimed at series fans. If you book Sky Box Sets, you can call up the latest series at any time. You watch individual episodes or follow an entire season in a row. The name Box Sets may be a little misleading. Therefore the note: Sky Box Sets are not real boxes or sets that you put on the DVD shelf. Sky Box Sets is a pure streaming offer.

Get Sky Box Sets

The Sky Box Sets can only be used on demand; you cannot play them back via Sky’s linear program. To access the latest series, order the Sky entertainment package. This includes sky box sets. You can book the Sky entertainment package in various ways: You use it via Sky On Demand with a Sky Q receiver with Internet connection or you select it as a Sky Go user. You can also order Sky Ticket, an offer that is based on streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime and can be canceled on a monthly basis. Just add the Sky Ticket Entertainment to be able to use the Sky Box Sets program.

Which devices can I use to access Sky Box sets?

You can enjoy the series from the Sky Box Sets program in the comfort of your own home. Stream via a TV with a WiFi connection (e.g. with Sky Q Receiver or Chromecast) or on your mobile device. On the other hand, there is the possibility to experience the favorite series on the go, for example for entertainment on long train or bus trips. To do this, select the Sky Go Extra model. This allows you to load the respective series directly onto your tablet or smartphone and watch them on the go at a later point in time. An internet connection is then no longer necessary.

The advantages of Sky Box Sets

Those who book Sky Box Sets benefit from various advantages. On the one hand, there are no commercial breaks. You also save yourself the laborious research for specific series as a complete package: the complete seasons can be called up via Sky Box Sets. Another advantage: Sky is an official partner of HBO, the US home entertainment giant. This means that the high-quality productions of this station are available directly and exclusively to you. Other streaming services did not have the HBO hit series in their range until months later.

Series in the Sky Box Sets offer

The Sky Box Sets present you with many popular favorite series. You have the opportunity to watch complete seasons without waiting. The most popular series worldwide include:

  • game of Thrones
  • Westworld
  • the Walking Dead

Brand new episodes usually appear on Sky just a few hours after the premiere in the USA. In addition to these international productions, you can also access successful German series such as “4 Blocks” or “Babylon Berlin”. Another highlight from Germany is the series “Das Boot – die Serie”, which is based on the 1981 Oscar-nominated film by Roland Emmerich.