What does Square Stand for?

The first step that we are going to take is to determine the etymological origin of the word square that we are now dealing with. Thus, we can establish that it emanates from Latin, from the term “quadratus” which means “square” and that it is made up of the following parts:

  • The word “quadrum”, which can be translated as “of four”.
  • The suffix “-ado”, which is used to indicate that someone has received the action.

Square is a word that is usually used to name the geometric figure that is formed by four equal and parallel sides.

A square is a geometric figure that has four parallel and equal sides.

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What is a square

A square, in this sense, is part of the set of quadrilaterals (it has four sides) and parallelograms (since these four sides are parallel). Another particularity of a square is that its four interior angles are right angles (that is, they measure 90º). For example: “The teacher asked us to draw a square whose sides are eight centimeters”, “Juan has trouble differentiating between squares, rectangles and rhombuses”, “How can I draw a square inside a circle?” .

It is interesting that we also highlight the existence of what has been called a magic square. It is a table composed of integers, which are distributed throughout it in such a way that the sum of the rows, columns and diagonals is always the same. That is, that the magic norm is fulfilled.

Squares can be classified as quadrilaterals and parallelograms.

A measure of surface

The notion of square is also used to define a type of measure of area.

When the term is added to the measure, therefore, it is referring to the fact that it will have the same surface as a square whose sides have that length. In this way we can speak of square kilometers, square meters, etc.

The square root

The square root of a certain number, on the other hand, is obtained by multiplying another value by itself and obtaining the first number in question as the result.

The square root of 16 is therefore equal to 4, since multiplying 4 by itself ( 4 x 4 ) results in 16.

Other uses of the term

Likewise, we must not forget that square is also a term that is used to refer to a type of mold or die that is used to carry out the minting of both medals and coins.

In the field of music, it is said that a square is a note that has the value of two measures greater.

In colloquial language, meanwhile, square can be an adjective used to describe someone who is stubborn or gross : “You can’t be so square! It is dangerous to connect an appliance with wet hands.

Square as surname

In addition to all of the above, we have to say that the word that concerns us is the one that shapes the surname of a famous Colombian soccer player. This is Juan Cuadrado, who plays both midfielder and right back.

He has been international on several occasions with the selection of his country and is currently part of the ranks of the Juventus team. He previously played for Udinese and US Lecce, among other teams.