What does Suffering Stand for?

To suffer is a verb that, in its most common use, means to have or suffer some defect or evil, although it is also used in the sense of suffering from a disease or of feeling sorry for or feeling sorry for someone. The word derives from the old word hurt.

Referring to defects, suffering may refer to problems, deficiencies, vices, faults, and, in general, to negative qualities or defects expressed in the sentence. Thus, for example, someone may suffer from stinginess, a text may suffer from lack of coherence, an opinion may suffer from nullity. It is always built with the preposition “of”, and n unca be used with the sense of lacking.

Suffering can also be used with the meaning of someone suffering from a disease, usually habitual. For example: “I had a flu and was absent from school for two days.”

Also, suffering, pronominally, can be used as equivalent to feeling sorry or sorry for someone. For example: “He suffered from the fate of the soldiers who went to war.”

Synonyms of suffering are tolerating or enduring.

In English, suffering can be translated as to be ill with or to suffer from. For example: “ New York residents continue to suffer from energy crisis ” (New York residents continue to suffer from an energy crisis).